St Andrew’s International School is one where students can attend from their pre-school years all the way through to Grade 12. Students here are Bahamian and from all over the world which is nice because we can learn about each other’s cultures. Although our school is one of the oldest in Nassau, that’s what makes it special. We have a long history of great education in our country.

I think students here enjoy their big classrooms, many different sports and other after school activities, the cafeteria, the field, and the hall. St Andrew’s is a great school and I hope you think about letting your child/children come and join us. I won’t be the Principal that day, but I will say “hello.”

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a safe and Happy New Year!

Aidan Meister

Principal for the Day – Grade 5 Student every other day

(Although I am only the Principal for the Day, I hope my decision to have one day with fries and pizza for the Grade 5 students is one that remains!)