The St Andrew’s Creativity, Activity Service (CAS) programme fosters global citizenship through physical, mental, spiritual, and community development.

CAS is a core component of the IB Diploma Programme. It is an enrichment scheme that is aimed at developing self-aware, globally-minded students through explorations in Creativity, Activity and Service.
More than being core to the IB Program, CAS is central to the spirit of St. Andrews School. With extracurricular activities including performing and visual arts, swimming, soccer, basketball, cheering, Red Cross Club, Interact Club, Eco-Club, student-led service projects and so much more, CAS promotes the spirit of St. Andrew’s!

Centred on the IB Learner Profile attributes, the CAS experiences foster personal and interpersonal development, which allows students to:


  • enjoy and find significance in a range of CAS experiences
  • purposefully reflect upon their experiences
  • identify goals, develop strategies and determine further actions for personal growth
  • explore new possibilities, embrace new challenges and adapt to new roles
  • actively participate in planned, sustained and collaborative CAS projects
  • understand they are members of local and global communities with responsibilities towards each other and the environment.

CAS experiences are largely self-directed, as the programme is designed for students to make choices as to how they will engage. A system of advisers is provided to guide students. The CAS advisers verify and approve acceptable CAS experiences. Students are also advised about choices and goal setting for CAS

In addition to individual engagement, the CAS program provides engagement with 21st century skills through service-learning projects. These collaborative initiatives require students to investigate, explore, and solve community and global issues, underscoring our commitment to international education.

Houses and CAS
All House Leaders are CAS Supervisors and all students are expected to be involved in the three domains of CAS (creativity, activity and service) and also the respective House Service Project which focuses on our local community. As a general guideline, students are expected to contribute the following number of hours;
Grade 6: 30,Grade 7: 45, Grade 8: 60,Grade 9: 60 and Grade 10: 45 hours.
All Grade 11 and 12 students are expected to contribute 3 major and 6 minor contributions.