Welcome to the St Andrew’s Middle Years Diploma (MYD). This programme is designed for students in Grades 6 through 10. Students study all the core subject disciplines: languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, the arts, information technology and physical education.

The MYD programme is student-centred and holistic, focusing on the whole child through pastoral and co-curricular programmes. In addition to academics, students fulfil Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) requirements and complete a Personal Project. Students are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom, so that they can develop their unique talents.

Our MYD offers:

  • A safe, supportive, and respectful environment in which all students can focus on their journey as a life-long learner in the 21st century
  • Opportunities for students to continue using skills acquired in the Primary Years Programme (PYP)
  • Opportunities for students to develop their social, communication, thinking, self-management and research skills
  • Dedicated MYD teachers working collaboratively to meet the individual developmental needs of each student
  • An integrated approach to teaching and learning by incorporating a combination of multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary methods to lessons

At the end of the Middle Years Diploma programme, students sit external examinations (IGCSE/BGCSE) in the various disciplines. The MYD ensures that students are well-prepared for the rigours of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme, and that they have developed the understanding, practical skills and personal character needed to be locally and internationally-engaged individuals.