Ethics and Excellence


Building a diverse community of lifelong learners to be a force for positive change
through ethics and excellence.


As the pioneering International Baccalaureate school in The Bahamas dedicated to
achieving excellence in education, and in partnership with our families, our mission is to:

  • Challenge our students to develop a lifelong love of learning that extends beyond
    the classroom
  • Inspire curiosity, open-mindedness and a commitment to personal excellence
  • Foster a community of confident, creative and critical learners in an inclusive,
    respectful and safe environment
  • Nurture in our students a sound ethical foundation that will inspire positive action,
    service and leadership
  • Develop culturally confident global citizens who are able to succeed in any
  • Build a student-centered and family-oriented community

Definition of High-Quality Learning

St Andrew’s International School is dedicated to achieving excellence in education. Teachers set the highest expectations in order to encourage a lifelong love of learning which will equip our students to succeed in any context. We define high-quality learning as that which:

  • Enables students to inquire, question and think critically as they learn
  • Is student-centred, planned and differentiated to provide necessary support and challenge
  • Gives all students the opportunity to reflect on their individual progress, success and next steps

Definition of Global Citizenship

St Andrew’s is unique as an “International and Proudly Bahamian” school. We are committed to providing a balanced education which encourages an understanding of the world, as well as respect and tolerance both for others and one’s own heritage.

We offer an international curriculum which includes many local aspects and programmes. We cater to students and families who may be either Bahamian, expatriate or a blend of both. Our faculty of international and Bahamian educators are committed to delivering an education grounded in ethics and excellence, supported by the IB Learner Profile.

We are registered with the appropriate local bodies as well as being accredited by international agencies.
We define our international/ intercultural approach as one which:

  • Is inclusive in order to promote the value of diversity
  • Is service-minded in order to develop sensitivity to inequality and the desire to be a force for positive change
  • Champions and explores ethics and excellence in all that we do
  • Encourages interdependence in order to inspire culturally confident global citizens
  • Embeds the IB Learner Profile in planning, lessons and procedures
  • Challenges stereotypes and assumptions

St Andrew’s School continues to:

  • Commit to the success of each individual child, accommodating differing aptitudes and abilities.
  • Foster strong and effective partnerships between students, parents and teachers.
  • Offer a balanced, challenging curriculum which is based on best practice and taught by caring and well-qualified teachers.
  • Engage students in creative, innovative and critical thinking.
  • Embed the IB Learner Profile in all aspects of school life. These include being: knowledgeable, caring, principled, open-minded, reflective, communicators, thinkers, balanced, risk-takers and inquirers.
  • Integrate technology effectively to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Develop ethics and personal excellence in students with an approach to pastoral care that fosters a strong sense of personal responsibility, tolerance and sensitivity to others.
  • Embrace internationalism and encourage an appreciation of our unique cultural heritages.
  • Promote positive interaction and sensitivity towards the physical environment.
  • Provide a safe, healthy and nurturing school atmosphere and foster a lively school spirit.
  • Instill in our students a philosophy of service to others and giving back to the community.
  • Contribute positively to the advancement of education locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Maintain an enriching and rewarding professional environment for the faculty, supported by responsible administrative leaders.
  • Ensure the ongoing viability of the school through a balanced and ethical relationship between members of the school community, within a financially responsible framework.

The school’s guiding statements will be regularly communicated, reviewed and evaluated.  Our last review was in May 2019.