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Founded in 1948
Currently has a 35-acre campus
Enrolment: 490
Ages: 2.5 - 19
80% Bahamian
20% International
Faculty to Student Ratio: 1:9

Place your child on the path to a brighter future by making the investment in a St Andrew’s School education!

Tution at a GlancePer
Annual in advance
by 1 June
Preschool (part day)$1,795$5,120
Preschool (full day)$2,320$6,615
Prekindergarten 1$2,515$7,170
Prekindergarten 2$2,945$8,395
Kindergarten - Grade 1$3,475$9,905
Grade 2-5$4,860$13,855
Grade 6-8$5,545$15,805
Grade 9-10$5,895$16,805
Grade 11$6,115$17,430
Grade 12 (25% Discount)$4,590$13,770
Grade 12 (50% Discount)$3,060$9,180
Grade 12 (75% Discount)$1,530$4,590

Learning Support
Fees at a Glance
Annual in advance
by 1 June
Tier 1$400$1,200
Tier 2$800$2,400
Tier 3$1,200$3,600

Admission & Testing Fee$500
Capital Levy$2,000
Re-enrolment Fee$500
Re-admission Fee$500
Transcript/Report Fee$10


Place your child on the path to a brighter future by making the investment in a St Andrew’s School education!


The Admission & Testing Fee ensures the processing of the application for admission of a new student or a student returning after an absence of one (1) year or longer. This fee is not refundable.

The Capital Levy is due at the time of a student’s acceptance. This levy, along with a portion of tuition fees income, is used to finance the principal and interest payments on long-term loans in connection with the School’s building programme. This is a one-time levy to students who have not previously attended St Andrew’s School. If this levy is paid and the student doesn’t attend the School, only $1,500.00 will be refunded.

The Re-enrollment Fee is due when any portion of a student’s tuition remains unpaid after any payment deadline as noted above. A student’s place in School is forfeited if the tuition is not paid on time. The student’s name is then added to the waiting list. Re-admission is only then possible on a “space available” basis, and provided that all financial obligations to the School are met in full.

The Re-admission Fee is due when a student returns to School within one (1) year of their withdrawal.

The Transcript/Report Fee is due before any transcript/report is prepared. Further, transcripts, reports and any other official documentation will not be released unless accounts are settled in full.

Class Trips and Outings are periodically scheduled for an entire class or part of a subject program. The cost of these trips, inclusive of any transportation charges, are the responsibility of parents/guardians.

External Examination Fees, inclusive of any related courier charges, are the responsibility of parents/guardians.

Place your child on the path to a brighter future by making the investment in a St Andrew’s School education!


The School has introduced a loyalty scheme that will enable parents to get major discounts on Grade 12 tuition. The discount system will be three (3) tiered and will work as follows:

  • Students that joined the School in the ELC(Pre-school thru Pre-Kindergarten 2) will receive a 75% discount
  • Students that joined the School in Primary(Kindergarten thru Grade 5) will receive a 50% discount
  • Students that joined the School in Secondary(Grades 6 to 11) will qualify for a 25% discount.

Please note that all of these discounts are based on a student’s continuous attendance at the School. If a student were to leave and then rejoin, the discount would be based on the year level the re-enrollment took place.

  • There is no prorating of tuition for students who leave early in the trimester.
  • For students who arrive on or after the following dates in each trimester, only half of that trimester tuition is payable:
  1. 1st Trimester: 7 October 2019
  2. 2nd Trimester: 21 January 2020
  3. 3rd Trimester: 6 May 2020
  • New students entering during the course of the academic year will receive an invoice upon entry, payment of which is required within one (1) month of acceptance.
  • Parents/Guardians remain liable for fee payments on due dates whether or not companies assume part or all of the fees.

Place your child on the path to a brighter future by making the investment in a St Andrew’s School education!


A full trimester’s notice in writing or tuition for one full trimester in lieu of proper notice is required before withdrawing a student. Notice is only valid if provided in written form by completing a Notice of Withdrawal Form. Notice of Withdrawal Forms are available below.

If the decision is not definite that you are withdrawing a student you are still required to adhere to the above policy by submitting a Notice of Withdrawal Form by the required deadline, however, you should tick “Provisional” at the top of the form. By ticking “Provisional” you are still required to pay tuition by the relevant deadline however, if you subsequently decided to withdraw the student your tuition will be refunded in full if the student has not attended classes for the trimester payment was made for.

School records are only released once all withdrawal protocols have been met. All completed Notice of Withdrawal forms are to be delivered to the Director of Admissions.

Download Notice of Withdrawal Form below:

Our student body represents more than 37 different nationalities!
Languages spoken in our community include:
Spanish, French, Mandarin
Italian, German and Portuguese.