We invite you to take a look at our goals for St Andrew’s School as we embark on the next phase of our school’s development plan.  



As we re-examine our School’s guiding principles, we will bring them to the forefront of all we do. Our Mission, Vision and the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile will become the coordinates that guide our way forward. Words becoming actions that dictate our direction as a school.

  • Continue to roll out branding strategy internally and externally
  • Review communication policy
  • Align our Fundraising strategy to Development Plan and Campus goals
  • Develop Community School with adult education classes
  • Review admissions strategy with the aim to increase enrollment
  • Key emphasis on what make us unique – personalised education, International curriculum, inclusion, proudly Bahamian, whole school ethos

Goal 2:


We will take our status as an international school to the next level, becoming a leader not only locally, but also regionally and internationally.

  • Continue to roll out the MYD programme
  • Fully develop new assessment policy
  • Continue to map our curriculum
  • Register for a genuine alternative pathway option
  • Start to prepare for next accreditation visits by carrying out mini internal reviews

Goal 3:


We will become more active as a school community as well as within the larger local community so that our St Andrew’s family becomes stronger and more knowledgeable and has an active role in the Bahamian community

  • CAS focus for students, staff and parents.
  • Continue our excellent development of Creativity through our curricular and co-curricular programmes
  • Continue our excellent development of a healthy and active lifestyle  through our curricular and co-curricular programmes
  • Continue our excellent development of Service through our ongoing initiatives
  • Further expand Scholarship Programme

Goal 4:


We will continue to improve our educational programme through careful examination of our curriculum and assessment procedures as well as continued emphasis on faculty and staff training so that our students receive the highest quality teaching.

  • Benchmark all our students in Secondary using CATS
  • Emphasis on STEM
  • Further develop SDR (Appraisal system) and PD  in order to support school Development Plan
  • Key focus on Differentiation and Personalised learning
  • Fully review Learning Support policies and procedures
  • Establish consistency with 1 to 1 tutoring in order to challenge our student body  

Goal 5:

We will expand our Development Programme to allow for greater school advancement in both “friend-raising” of our ever-increasing alumni body, and fundraising, to provide for future changes to our School. We will also ensure that our technology and facilities adhere to modern standards of education for years to come.

  • Further develop our environmental focus through initiatives across the school
  • Campus development plan to emphasise 2020 aspirations and beyond
  • Continue to respond to the digital age through appropriate curriculum integration
  • Grow the Development Office in order to support Campus development