St Andrew’s is a school with a warm heart, one in which each student and family is given a Bahamian welcome and made to feel at home. Our International Baccalaureate curriculum gives our students the very best start in life, enabling them to learn how to learn and preparing them to identify and develop their unique talents.

The school has a strong reputation for securing places at top universities worldwide and counts Olympic gold medalists, artists, musicians and academics amongst its alumni. The school celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and is able to stand firm on a strong foundation, celebrate its history and traditions whilst being innovative and ambitious when it comes to teaching methodology.

Being balanced is one of the Learner Profile attributes and is certainly evident in the day to day life of the school. We are both a serious place of learning and a happy school. The hallways and cafeteria are filled with laughter between lessons and at break times. We seek to teach our students to be balanced, seeing both sides of a debate, and to be open to other points of view and cultures. Our community is internationally minded and has a perspective that welcomes and affirms many different languages, backgrounds and identities. One of the strengths of the school community is the 40 nationalities represented in our student population. There is a balance of opportunities available to our students: community service, creative arts and sporting teams. On the sportsfield we seek to have a programme that is competitive but allows students of all sporting abilities to participate.
We have successfully been accredited by the Council for International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, both external quality assurance agencies. They have assessed every aspect of the schools’ operation: academics, leadership, governance, health and safety, and so on. These processes have affirmed that our academic and leadership standards are in line with international best practice.

It was Bernard Baruch who said ‘”Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.” His statement about asking the right question and being intellectually curious is at the heart of education, reason, learning and progress. I have the pleasure and privilege to visit many classes and to see the many talented teachers of St Andrew’s in action. One thing they share is the ability to ask and inspire really good questions. At the heart of an International Baccalaureate education is inquisitiveness, inspiring the love of learning, creative and critical thinking. These are balanced with sound values and teaching our young people to make principled choices in their lives. These are the cornerstones of a St Andrew’s education and connect with our school motto Ethics and Excellence.

None of these activities and accomplishments would be possible without the commitment of our teaching faculty and support staff who go far beyond the call of duty: they are a dedicated and professional team. This is complemented by a dedicated Board and an active and supportive parent community and we are very grateful for the time given voluntarily to serve our school.

If you are looking for an outstanding education for your child or children please come and visit our school.

Andy Wood

Our new Principal, Andy Wood, comes to us with 14 years’ experience in school leadership, 9 of them in International Baccalaureate schools. He brings a passion for education, a desire to nurture the individual talents of each child and a commitment to taking St Andrew’s forward.

Prior to joining St Andrew’s he was Principal of an IB school in Dubai and a similar school in Cape Town, South Africa before that.  Whilst in Dubai he led the school successfully through its Council for International Schools, New England Association of Schools and Colleges and International Baccalaureate accreditation processes. The school saw improvements in the DP and CP results to above the world average and he is dedicated to ensuring that each student achieves the very best results they can.  Born and raised in South Africa, Andy was educated at a school very similar in ethos to St Andrew’s. He attended the University of Cape Town where he read for an Honours Degree in Geography, with English as his other major. He holds a Post-graduate Diploma in School Management from Henley College. He has authored school textbooks and worked as a consultant for IB schools.

Andy is a family man. He is married to Karen and has two children, Christopher and Amy. Karen is a teacher and Chris is completing his law articles while Amy is studying graphic design.  Both are IB Diploma graduates and Andy has seen how well the IB education prepared them for success at university and college.

A keen rock climber and mountaineer, he has been on expeditions to many mountain ranges around the globe from the Alps and Andes to Yosemite Valley in the Sierra Nevada. He has been involved in Mountain Rescue for many years as team leader.  He enjoys sea kayaking and has recently obtained his license as a diver so that he can explore and enjoy the Bahamian reefs. He has a creative side and paints landscapes in oil.  

“I am really excited to be joining the St Andrew’s family and am looking forward to a great year ahead.  With our 70th anniversary celebrations this is going to be a special year. ” said Andy.