A gorgeous chain of 700 islands strewn across 250,000 square kilometers of sparkling turquoise water, The Bahamas has a rich history full of interesting characters. Originally inhabited by the Lucayan Indians, our island of San Salvador was the location of Christopher Columbus' first landfall in the New World in 1492. Other residents have included English settlers looking for religious freedom, pirates, bootleggers (during the American Prohibition), and now, those simply looking for a slower pace of life.

Lying just southeast of Florida, our country is easily accessible, but has only 30 inhabited islands. The official language is English, and we have a literacy rate estimated at over 95%. A recent census put the population over 350,000 with approximately 250,000 of those residing on the island of New Providence, which holds the capital city of Nassau.

The Bahamas is both a tourist and offshore banking destination which is due largely to the fact that since its independence from the United Kingdom on 10 July, 1973, the Bahamas has had a relatively stable government. We remain a Commonwealth realm, which means the Chief of State is Queen Elizabeth II, represented in the Bahamas by the Governor General Dame Marguaerite Pindling. However, as a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy, we also have a Prime Minister, Mr. Perry Christie, as well as a Cabinet.

Getting Here

Entry requirements vary depending upon your residency status and citizenship. Visit http://www.bahamas.com/vacation-planning/entry-requirements for more information.

To reach our beautiful chain of islands, you can fly on commercial or private plane, cruise ferry, cruise ship, or private boat. For more detail, visit http://www.bahamas.com/vacation-planning/getting-here.

Living Here

The commute to and from work can “wow” even the locals, as a drive along the coastal road to St Andrew's gives you views of a sparkling harbour, nearby islands, and wide expanses of crystalline sea. Don't believe us? Here's a glimpse!
Feel like a trip to the beach in your downtime? Take a drive over the bridge to Paradise Island and try Cabbage Beach where world-class resorts line the shore. Want some alone time? A 20-minute boat ride brings you to Rose Island, with no full-time residents and long stretches of white sand! Once you have received a job offer, we are more than happy to give you advice about buying or renting a home in Nassau. To get a better idea on rental rates, housing costs, and the general state of the local real estate market, we suggest you visit the websites of some of our local realtors. We recommend you find a reputable realtor through the local real estate association BREA.
Find a realtor here: http://www.bahamasrealestateassociation.com/realtor.php

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